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As we bade fare well to the Nepali Year 2075, former King Gyanendra in his New Year message wished good health, peace, and progress of all the Nepali people and stressed to maintain national unity with prosperity through a political system they chose.

On the first day of the Year 2076, Prime Minister KP Oli addressed the Nation and claimed that his government has made sincere efforts to achieve prosperity in the past one year. Having heard of a similar address in the first day of the Year 2075, we are compelled to accept that tall promises remain flat, problems remain almost the same, and nothing seems to be changing.

Leader of the main opposition, Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba flayed the Oli government and have argued that the incumbent government acquired power with tall promise of prosperity, but it has hiked taxes, induced inflation, and failed to curb violence in the country. The remark alone is a proof on alienation of the main opposition and ruling party. Further, toward the end of the Year 2075, the arrest of Resham Chaudhary, withdrawal of RJP’s support from the government, GoN’s actions against Biplav and his group has alienated all the democratic forces from the government. Against this backdrop, the former King seems to be having a comfortable playing field in gaining sympathy-laden popularity. Likewise CK Raut, pressing for secession, joined the mainstream politics while opening avenue for referendum through a contended terminology – “Jana Abhimat” in the agreement he signed with the Government as it could be interpreted more as referendum than as elections. 

Rise of various interest groups in the name of Hinduism, Monarchy, and Referendum etc. seems to further aggravate the problems in the days to come. The blame of the pro-monarchist that the people did not mandate for republican on one hand, and the claim of the government that the recent elections of all three tiers of the government endorsed the past decisions in favor of peace and prosperity and gave them a 2/3rd majority to deliver.

Putting aside claims of the either side, the government in the past one year has given enough space for public resentments. The government has failed to work as per the mandate it claims to have received from the people in the elections, the mandate of peaceful, prosperous, and politically stable Nepal. Ongoing political process, in contrast, is occupied by kleptocracy and the hard earned democracy is in peril.

Should KP Oli led government not jeopardize the achievements made so far, focus on strengthening and institutionalizing the gains rather than allowing spaces for anti-currents is the only way forward. As Nepal is a country having history of regime changes through mass movements, it is likely to be paralyzed again by such in the name of referendum, feeding on public resentments towards performance of the government. It is highly likely for Nepali who have a permanent revolutionary political culture and the government of the day has always fuelled for a roll back again and again rather than containing and controlling it by delivering what it should.

Author: Milan Karki


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