Gender, Social Inclusion, Human Rights, and Migration


Transgender woman to receive citizenship with preferred gender identity

Council of Ministers has approved the plea of a transgender woman to change her name and gender in the Citizenship. She had previously taken citizenship in the name of Kailash Shrestha and gender as other gender in the year 2062. Her plea was to change the name to Bhumika and gender as Female.

7 year old raped

A 46 year old man residing in Gothatar was arrested on the charge of raping a 7 year old girl on April 7. Police is undertaking further investigation.

Weak human rights protection

The global report of Amnesty International has shown weak condition of human rights. There lacks fair and reliable investigations with regard to custodial torture and deaths. Numerous torture related cases were reported, particularly of people of indigenous and dalit communities. However, no one has been convicted. Similarly, there have been several attempts of restraining freedom of expression of individuals including journalists. The Media Council Bill, the Mass Communication Bill and the Information Technology Bill have remained in the federal parliament despite wide public condemnation.

Issuance of rules for implementing anti-acid law

 Rules for implementing anti-acid law mandates compulsory licensing for production, import or export of acid or any corrosive chemicals. The rule confines the sale of acid and corrosive chemicals to industry, workshop, business enterprise, company or the person working for the licensed seller. The amount of acid or other corrosive chemicals which can be sold is limited to 1 litre or 1 kilogram. Prior approval from the District Administration Office is required for the sale of acid or corrosive chemicals exceeding the limits. Further, the seller is mandated to keep a record of personal information of every individual, the acid or harmful chemical is being sold to.

 Visa extended for all migrant workers in Korea

The government of South Korea has passed a new regulation for migrant labourers under wherein the visa term for migrant workers has been extended by a year, from April 13. The extension allows workers of both categories to stay for a total of five years and 10 months.

Pandemic induced food crisis

According to a new report wherein 4416 households from all seven provinces were surveyed, 16.8 per cent of the households are deprived of adequate food and around 2.7 per cent had inadequate food stock to meet their necessities. 43 per cent of the children between 6 to 23 months lacked minimum dietary requirements.

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