Gender & Social Inclusion News Digest (June 24 – 30, 2021)


The migrant workers are still not able to travel to labor destination countries even after the international flights have resumed and countries are opening their borders as many migrant workers are yet to be inoculated against the coronavirus. The new aspirants and those who already have a valid residence permits in destination countries are stuck in Nepal as the destination countries have strict inoculation with the approved vaccine.

Citizens roaming in Basantapur of Kathmandu. As soon as the ban was lifted, the number of visitors of the palace increased. Photo: RSS

The National Dalit commission calls for impartial investigation in the Rupa Sunar rent case as the news of Education minister’s intervention to release the house owner on custody comes to limelight.

Nepali congress in their virtually held 14th General Convention has committed to promote the women participation from local levels to central government levels. 

Many left stranded in the Himali Municipality of Eastern Bajura district after the continuous rain during the monsoon which increased the flood risk in whole village area. Around 124 families are now livings in tents with their food stocks almost finished.

The increase in unsafe abortion rates in Doti district may lead to health issues in the future. The misleading concept about abortion services being taken as a temporary birth control method puts the lives of women in risk.

Senior citizens complain for mismanagement at the second dose Covishield vaccine camps in Lalitpur. The senior citizens were made to stand in queue for hours under the sun. Earlier in the third week of April, people who had come for Vero Cell vaccine were forced to return home without getting the jabs due to crowding and government mismanagement despite waiting for hours.

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