Lost in the Course of Federalism


Lost in the Course of Federalism

Amidst several initiations on infrastructure development, the government still ignores the principles of federalism manifested in the constitution.

Recently proposed bills on civil servant adjustments, health, education, and peace and security are against the directives of the constitution regarding federalism. The constitution allows the provincial governments to administer their own internal affairs, while the current bills criticize the plurality of governmental authorities.

The federal government taking hold of the power and authority has not only affected its relation with its coalition partners but also has failed to transfer resources and formulate laws for its people. This intervention of the government will disrupt the political setting of the country resulting to insecure beneficiaries deprived of political stability, resilient economy and social security.

Federalism in Nepal was introduced to recognize diversity and to make each governing unit capable of administrating their own peripheries, while enriching its people with healthier life. The public policies rendered requires attention to the well-being of the general people. Now it seems to appear that in the course of federalism, the government as always is struggling to just rule, completely ignoring public interests, demands and needs.

Author: Kunja Rai

Photo: Sushma Bhatta

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