News Digest (August 20 – August 26, 2020)


International Relations & Foreign Policy

Nepal-India headed towards boundary settlement: Following two meetings between Nepal-India, the Boundary Working Group is looking towards a possible meeting to resolve the boundary dispute. Officials revealed that the meeting would be held at the earliest. Nepal is waiting for India’s response to its invitation for holding the meeting in the last week of August or September.[1]

Nepal’s Foreign Policy: Experts and analysts criticised Oli government’s foreign policy as during PM Oli’s term, international relations were bleak. The foreign ministry’s decision to draft a new policy was welcomed by all since the global geopolitical shift has a significant influence on Nepal as well. According to Narayan Khadka, a Nepali Congress leader, Nepal’s relations with all the countries with bilateral ties is crucial. Former ambassador Vijay Kant Karna added that the foreign policy’s basic principle must be non-alignment.[2]

Nepal-India discusses petroleum infrastructure: Nepal-India held a virtual meeting to discuss the infrastructural development of petroleum supplies and challenges faced by Nepal for storage development. This was the second meeting of the Joint Working Group on Gas and Petroleum Cooperation. The officials also examined the possibility to conduct a feasibility study for the second cross-country petroleum pipeline’s construction and the extension of the natural gas pipeline up to Rupandehi.[3]

A tussle over Indian media news reports: India media allegedly reported that China had encroached Nepali land across seven districts along the border. The report further added that NCP is trying to conceal the real expansion and leaders seems to be avoiding border talks with China because it fears offending the northern neighbour.[4]

However, this media report surprised the netizens from India and Nepal since the government of Nepal had already dismissed the news of China’s encroachment in the past, calling it a fake survey in June 2020. Despite denying the authenticity of the document previously, Indian Media ANI recently covered the issue on August 22, which was followed by several other Indian media. Kanak Mani Dixit, a senior journalist, is now compelled to question the credibility of Indian media.[5]






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