News Digest (August 20 – August 26, 2020)


Rice scarcity

Gender, Social Inclusion, Human Rights, and Migration

Food scarcity in Bajura: Bajura district is facing a massive food crisis since Kolti and Kawadi warehouses exhausted its rice stock. Sanphe-Martadi road section along with floods and landslides in the local roads has brought the supply to a standstill. Locals claimed that the food shortage has occurred due to the lesser supply of rice as opposed to the agreement made with the contractor. The black marketeers have overtly derived the benefit of food shortage.[1]

NHRC admonishes locals ill-treating health workers: National Human Rights Commission has denounced the recent act of maltreatment towards health workers engaging in COVID-19 treatment in Kathmandu and Chitwan. The Commission issued a statement on August 24 saying all the essential service providers, including health workers, should be encouraged and supported. The Commission requested the concerned authorities to probe on the particular matter and prevent the repetition of such acts in the future.[2]

A step towards ending Violence Against Women (VAW): Minister of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens urged provincial and local authorities to take initiatives to end violence against women. The minister stated that social transformation would immensely aid in eradicating VAW, for which the role of people’s representatives at the local level becomes vital.[3]

Migrant workers via land route to be taken care of by local authorities: The migrant workers returning via land route are required to stay in quarantines in the government-listed hotels at the selected entry points. However, local authorities have taken the financial responsibility of all the expenses incurred for those returning via roadways and are unable to afford hotel quarantines and undertake PCR tests.[4]





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