News Digest (August 20 – August 26, 2020)



Provincial and Local Governments

COVID-19 response: On August 18, a meeting of the Provincial COVID-19 CCMC of Province 2 decided to use both the government and private hospitals for treatment of Coronavirus as per the rate fixed by the federal government. The meeting also decided to take legal action against medical institutes if they refuse COVID-19 treatment. The government will deploy four ambulances in each of the districts for Coronavirus response and set up PCR machines as well.[1]

The federal government decided to revoke the PCR testing permits of the private hospitals if they do not provide 20% beds for Coronavirus patients. Similarly, the government also mandated the private medical colleges and the medical institutes to provide one-third beds for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.[2]

The Birgunj Metropolitan City has again begun ‘One House, One PCR Test campaign’ in Parsa. This campaign started a month ago but was halted due to lack of coordination among stakeholders.[3]

The Federal Ministry of Health and Population has allocated Rs 20 million budget to each of seven provinces to set up four ventilators and 10 ICUs at two district hospitals. The government is preparing 40,000 to 50,000 tests in Kathmandu Valley through contact tracing within a week. Now, a total of 1,075 teams have been mobilized for tracing across the country. Similarly, the government is preparing to set up 6,000 isolation beds in the hospitals in Kathmandu.[4] There are only 1,200 isolation beds available at the moment.[5]

However, the provincial government complained that the federal government CCMC has not coordinated correctly among the provinces. Recently, the federal government did not consult with the provincial government on any issues, whether be it allocation fund worth Rs 20 million, categorization of COVID-19 hospitals, setting up of labs, or charge of Coronavirus tests.[6]

Disaster Response: A meeting among stakeholders prompted the Bagmati Pradesh to committ to rehabilitating the landslide victims of Jugal to Selang.[7]








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