News Digest (August 27 – September 2, 2020)


Girls in School

Gender, Social Inclusion, Human Rights, and Migration

Pandemic amplifying gender inequality in education: Pandemic has reinforced the gender roles in Nepali households resulting in gender disparity in seeking education. The world bank has approximated that 111 million girls from the least developed countries have dropped out of schools since March. The report by UNESCO and UNDP states that the falling economic conditions owing to COVID-19 has exposed the girls to human trafficking, child labor, sexual violence and other exploitation. A survey conducted by a Room to Read Nepal has found that 279 girls out of 3,992 girls from 11 districts said they would be unable to rejoin the school once it resumes.[1]

School children deprived of education: The report submitted by United Nations Children Fund Nepal reveals that two-third of schoolchildren in Nepal are deprived of online education. The Remote Learning Reachability Report underlines massive inequality across the nation. Impoverished children from remote areas appear to be in the most disadvantaged position in accessing distance learning, according to the report. UNICEF calls for immediate investment to reduce the digital divide and primary focus on safe resumption of schools.2]                                                                                                        

Victims resisting pervasive sexual harassment in public transportation: As per the Metropolitan Police Office, 312 individuals were booked in the valley for indecent act in public places including sexual harassment. Sexual harassment, particularly in public vehicles is rife. Police arrested a total of 1,085 individual, however, discharged others after awarding minor punishment. Victims often keep silence to evade the consequences and further victimization.[3]

Custodial death in Rautahat: A 19-year-old man died due to the torture inflicted upon him in police custody. The deceased along with six other persons were arrested on August 14 on the charge of murder. The police was conducting investigation on them. The father of the dead claims that his son died due to police brutality and demanded a judicial review. However, the police have denied such claims.[4]

A Dalit woman murdered: A dalit woman was found dead in Rautahat. The body of the deceased was recovered from sugarcane field around 400 meters away from her house on August 30. As per the police the deceased was stranged with a sari and had bruises all over her body. The police have suspected that she was raped before she was strangled to death. However, there is no evidence to corroborate the claim. The body was sent to Teaching Hospital on August 31 for autopsy. This is the second murder in Rautahat in the span of two weeks.[5]






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