News Digest: Federal Affairs (August 18 – 25, 2021)


Economic and Development 

In the 58th annual report of the Office of Audit General (OAG) published by the Auditor General on August 20, irregularities of the three tiers of government and ministries and its agencies reached NPR 676.41 billion in FY 2019/20. The governments’ irregularities have been 676.41 billion increase from last FY’s amount of NPR 664.44. Similarly, the report also shows that out of 753 local governments, 147 local governments have expended Rs 76.8 million in meeting allowance. However, as per provision only the members of the judicial, legislative, accounts and Good Governance Committee can only get the allowance.

Auditor General Tankamani Sharma presenting the 58th Annual Report to President Vidyadevi Bhandari. Photo: RSS

On August 24, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, Sudurpaschim Pradesh set up a printing machine for printing gazette’s Act, procedure, and provincial decision. According to the provincial law ministry, the federal government was taking a long time to print provincial gazette-related documents. But now after setting up the machine, the provincial government prints their gazette document on time. The provincial government has started to print a provincial-related document from August 24.

The speaker and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning Krishna Dhwaj Khadaka says the Lumbini Provincial government will change the budget plan for the ongoing FY 2021/22 that the previous government led by Shankar Pokharel had announced through an ordinance. Now CPN-MC Maoist Center is leading the Lumbini government. The new government of Lumbini emphasizes Coronavirus control in the amendment budget. 

The Ministry of Health and Population has a plan to establish at least one medical college in each province by 2080 BS. The ministry has also expressed commitment that implements the previous agreement with the government such as providing scholarships as per the Medical Education ACT-2075. 

Provincial Politics

CPN-UML Voice-chair and provincial assembly member AStalaxmi Shakya has become as new chief minister of Bagmati Pradesh. On 18 August Bagmati Provincial chief, Vishnu Parsai appointed Shakya as CM. Previously, CPN-UML leader Dormani Poudel was a CM of Bagmati Pradesh. According to the political analyst, CPN-UML moved to Shakya as CM while CM Poudel came under the minority. Shakya from the Madhav Kumar Nepal faction. 

Lumbini Chief Minister Kul Prasad KC has won a vote of confidence from the provincial assembly on August 23. KC of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Center leader replaced Shankar Pokharel Communist Party of Nepal-UML leader Shankar Pokharel on August 12. A total of 42 votes cast the support of CM KC while no vote was cast against KC. The 42 lawmakers from four parties—CPN-MC, Nepali Congress, Janata Samajbadi Party, Rashtriya Janamorcha have supported KC during a vote of confidence.

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