News Digest: Federal Affairs (January 20 – 26, 2022)


Provincial and Local Issues 

Karnali Province Chief Minister Jeevan Bahadur Shahi has publicized the property details as per rule for the Member of Parliament and Council of Minister 2074 BS.

A team of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has raided Pipara Rural Municipality of Mahottari. A team from Commission’s Bardibas office took the documents under control based on 32 different complaints against the Pipara Rural Municipality. People have complained against the rural municipality for its involvement in irregularities.


The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has issued the New Promotion Partnership Fund Implementation Guideline, 2078. As per the instruction issued by the ministry, each provincial government will receive Nrs. 150 million for the program effective from the current fiscal year. Similarly, the provincial government distributes Nrs. 15 million at 10 local levels. The local level can cost-sharing with NGOs, cooperatives, and private sectors organization for the implementation of the program.

Administrational Issue

The cabinet meeting on January 24 formed a task force to investigate the need of the government staff in offices. The task force is to study the needs, number, and cluster of special categories of secretaries at the federal and provincial levels. Earlier, the government staff criticized when the government added staff in the office more than required. Now there is 10 secretaries’ appointment in the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, which is a large number than required.

Health-Related Issues

According to the Karnali Provincial Health Directorate, the omicron-infection rate has increased to 60 percent. Even provincial health institutes cannot provide PCR test in the people. Now provincial institutes have not been able to test even 50 people as lack PCR test machines and wiliness. However, Karnali has some PCR machines but the government cannot be concerned about this. Similarly, there is no laboratory in Karnali to detect omicron variants as well.

The government has not full filled the medicines in the pharmacy run by the government hospitals The government has provides 75 types of medicines in the pharmacy, 25 types are not even available. According to the hospital chief, lack of budget the government hospital fails to provide medicines as per their requirement.

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