News Digest: Federal Affairs (November 25 – December 1, 2021)


Provincial Politics

The coalition party’s whip issued for supporting a vote of confidence to the Karnali CM Jeevan Bahadur Shahi.  Karnali Provincial Chief had scheduled the vote of confidence for November 30, but it was postponed for December 1 after the opposition’s obstruction. On December 1, the main opposition again did not participate in the vote of confidence in the provincial assembly. Meanwhile, CM Shahi won the vote of confidence in the provincial assembly in the absence of opposition.

Administration Issues

Recommendation of Province 1 Chief Minister Rajendra Kumar Rai, Provincial Chief appointed Bhoj Raj Shrestha as a chief attorney of the province. The post was vacant after provincial chief attorney Chudamani Acharya resigned from his post.

The services of government offices have been affected due to the shortage of employees in Rautahat. According to the Chief District Officer (CDO) Krishna Bahadur Shahi, around 30 percent of posts in offices have been vacant when employees refuse their postings. Reportedly, out of 18, 15 local units do not have under-secretaries at present.

The local has padlocked the ward office of Dhanauji Rural Municipality Ward No. 4 of Dhanusa for four months with various demands related to irregularities. The service seeker has been affected by the padlock. According to the locals, there was no initiative to solve the problem even after four months.

Expand Health Services

On November 26, Province 2 Chief Hari Shankar Mishra authenticated the Health Care Act. The provincial government manages the health and workers’ facilities through the bill. Based on the act, the government mobilizes nurses in every community school. Likewise, private schools have to hire an ANM or staff nurse within one year.

All six local units in Rukum (East) have expanded health services with well-equipped and health workers in the health institutes. The local units have hired one assistant health worker and nurse-midwife in each ward.

Economic and Development

Karnali Chief Minister Jeevan Bahadur Shahi has discussed with the chief of Road Division, Infrastructure Development Office, and Infrastructure Development Directorate in 10 districts for the implementation of development construction. CM Shahi also instructed the secretary and deputy-secretary of concerned bodies and ministries for daily and weekly monitoring of projects status. Chief Minister Shahi also instructed the employees to work fast.

The Gandaki Provincial government has announced to provide monthly 5000 per month as social security allowance to the children who have lost their parents due to COVID-19. Gandaki Province also watches and manages homeless people over the province. Similarly, the Gandaki government also decided to provide 3000 per month who have to depend on shelter homes. Now Gandaki Province has started Human Service Shelters in four districts and is helping around 400 people.

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