News Digest: Federal Affairs (September 02 – 08, 2021)


Economic and Development 

The Provincial Policy and Planning Commission has started making the first five-year periodic plans. Recently, Sudurpaschim Province and Planning Commission has been started the planning by forming a committee. The committee has been organized a meeting on September 1 with provincial ministries for collecting required documents and for starting the second stage of the plans. According to the provision in the plans, the commission instructs/recommends to the local levels and wards for plan selection. The committee has targeted to make plans within six months. 

Chief Minister of Sudhurpaschim Province Trilochan Bhatt speaking at the 13th Haliya Liberation Day held at Rehabilitation Municipality-9 Sitabasti. Photo: RSS

On September 1, Parliamentarians from the Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee discussed with experts for sustainable development emphasize during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the discussion, the committee instructed to governments for mobilization all financial resources for sustainable development. The committee has concluded that the mobilization of financial resources could not be used as a federal structure, which hampered the localization of development. Meanwhile, an expert suggested that concerned bodies have to make right to the provincial and local governments for emphasizing the development.    

Administration Issue

Provincial governors have been changed six-times during the four years of the federalism implementation. Former governors have complained that the system of changing the governor is a danger to federalism. All former governors have been changed because of the political power-sharing not the personal interest of governors. The provincial governors have been puppets of the federal government, former governors claimed to the federal government. The governors also claimed “based on provincial government the federalism became strong”, but the federal government acted for making weak of provincial governments. 

The employees of the Local Development Academy Institute padlocked the door on September 7 with the various demands such as the scope of work, responsibilities, and human management. Protestors also have demanded staff hiring process and provide occupational security for temporary and contract employees, which have been stopped in the past 11 years. 

Provincial Politics 

Bagmati Pradesh Chief Minister Asta Laxmi Shakya is going to expand his cabinet on September 8. CM Shakya expanded five ministers and four states ministers in his cabinet. Now CM Shakya and the minister for Internal Affairs and Law, Keshav Raj Pandey are only in the provincial cabinet portfolio. After finalizing the choosing process on September 8 by representatives – CPN-UML or new party CPN-Unified Socialist. The CM Shakya stepped the cabinet expansion to stable their government. Now Shakya is under the minority in the provincial government. 

The new party Nepal Communist Party (Unified Socialistic) formed by Senior Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has been strong than Nepal Communist Party-Unified Marxist Leninist (NCP-UML) leading by KP Oli in Province 2, Karnali Pradesh, and Sudurpaschim Pradesh, similarly there is average participation of representatives in Province 1 and Bagmati Pradesh. But, there is zero participation of representatives in Gandaki and Lumbini Pradesh in Unified Socialist.

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