News Digest: Federal Affairs (September 08 – 15, 2021)


Provincial Politics

The newly formed political party – Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Socialist (CPN-US) led by Madhav Kumar Nepal withdrew its support to Province 1 Chief Minister (CM) – Bhim Prasad Acharya-led CPN-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML). Now, CM Acharya has been under minority after CPN-US withdrew from the provincial government. On September 13, CPN-US leader Sabitri Regmi had noticed in the provincial secretariat that the party withdrew support from the government. Similarly, the newly appointed CM of Bagmati Pradesh, Asta Laxmi Shakya also officially lost their majority in the Provincial Assembly after CPN-US withdrew support to the provincial government on September 12.

The Sudurpaschim Pradesh is preparing to reshuffle its cabinet for managing power-sharing. Now CPN-MC is the ruling party in Sudurpaschim. After the splitting of Madhav Kumar Nepal’s Party form as CPN-Unified Socialistic become the largest party in Sudurpaschim and Nepal’s party want to continue its support to the CPN-MC.

Due to the political dispute between ruling and opposition in the Lumbini Pradesh has been disrupted province assembly meeting twice. The next meeting has been rescheduled for September 16. Similarly, after a long obstruction in the Gandaki, a Provincial meeting has been organized on September 14. The assembly meeting was obstructing that the opposition party is demanding to implement the previous plan which was emphasized by the CPN-UML. Now, since June 12, Nepali Congress has been ruled in the Gandaki.

Economic and Development 

The electricity payment system has been implemented in all 753 local levels. Comptroller and Auditor General Suman Raj Aryal inaugurated the system on September 9. Through the system, local governments can transfer funds easily. The system makes easy access in fund transfer, transparent, quick, and reliable in fund transfer, says Audit General Office.

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has targeted the achievement of a seven percent economic growth rate in the current fiscal year 2021-22. In the budget discussion program, minister Sharma also informed that the ministry is also preparing the plan to increase capital expenditure by 10 percent per month which helps to achieve economic growth rate.

Administration Issues 

The Minister for Law, Communication, and Provincial Assembly Affairs of Gandki Pradesh, Bindu Kumar Thapa on September 13 tabled a mass media bill in the provincial assembly. In the bill, the government imposes a fine of up to NPR 10,000 and one-year imprisonment for publishing and broadcasting news illegally. Similarly, as per section 45 in the bill, the concerned bodies can charge NPR 5,000 to NPR 25,000 if avoid the bill’s regulation. The secretary of the law ministry has the authority to take the matter to the court or either withdraw, Article 45 Sub-section 1 and 3.

More than two and a half years since a bill related to managing the formation, operation, and conditions of service of the federal civil service has been stopped in the federal parliament secretariat. The bill was registered in the secretariat on February 10, 2019. After a long time due to dispute between ruling (CPN-UML) and oppositions the State Affairs and Good Governance Committee had passed delay the bill, but lack of the implementation of the bill, the government could not promotion and transfer to the government staff in the federal, provincial, and local government.


A meeting of COVID-19 Crisis Management Center of Province 2 on September 12 emphasized the “No Mask No Service” campaign under the Corona Epidemic Awareness Campaign. For controlling Coronavirus the decision was taken by the center while citizens are leaving using masks. The center also decided to publish advertisements in the media using masks.

A ward member of Kathmandu Metropolitan City has vandalized the Kathmandu Metropolitan City office.

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