News Digest – Federalism (April 8 – 15, 2021)


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According to the Federal Affairs and General Administration, out of 753 local levels, only 153 have fire-trucks and the remaining 600 local levels are still unfacilitated. According to the last three years’ data, more than 5000 places were caught in fire, 158 people died, and Rs.8 billion worth of goods were damaged by fire.

Economics and Development 

According to the Financial Comptroller General Office (FCGO), out of Rs.300.91 billion capital budget (development budget), the government spent Rs.100.81 (28.36) billion in nine months of the current fiscal year. Reportedly, there has been poor capital expenditure in the current fiscal year compared to last year. Moreover, the government aimed to create 1.4 million jobs in the current fiscal year, but this plan failed because of COVID-19. 

Market-monitoring activities of the Department of Commerce, Supplies, and Consumer Protection have been affected while the government decreased the budget by 50% in the current fiscal year. As the Ministry of Finance, the government decreased the budget due to COVID-19. The government allocated Rs.11 million for market monitoring in the last fiscal year. However, now the government has allocated only Rs.4.4 million in the current fiscal.


On April 12, Chief Minister of Province 1, Sher Dhan Rai was absent in the provincial assembly meeting summoned by the speaker Pradeep Kumar Bhandari. The meeting was summoned to resolve the disagreement between the parties. Similarly, CM Rai summoned an all-party meeting on April 12 before the assembly meeting. After six months, the provincial assembly of Province 1 summoned the meeting for April 12.

All wards offices of Sukala Municipality of Tanahu district have become rent-free. The representatives of Sukala municipality constructed the ward offices in the last and the current fiscal years. Now all wards have their own ward-offices.

Health-related issues 

After the number of the active cases were found to be zero, the local governments of Banke decided to close down all isolation and quarantine facilities. However, COVID-19 cases are reportedly increasing day by day.

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