News Digest – Federalism (December 17 – December 23, 2020)


Governance: According to the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), corruption-related complaints have increased in Sudurpashchim Pradesh. More than 1270 complaints have been registered in the provincial CIAA during the first four months of the current fiscal year (FY) 2020/21, however, 432 complaints were registered in the previous FY during the first four months.

The Office of the Audit General’s report pointed out there are increasing audit objections at the local levels, however, concerned bodies have not even taken any initiative for improvement. Reportedly, NPR 16.50 billion in FY 2016/17, NPR 23.77 billion in FY 2017/18, NPR 37.48 billion has been reported audit objections at the local levels. Nepal’s audit objections have gone to the red-zone. Normally, five percent above as mapping the red-zone.

Budget and Development: The Kathmandu metropolitan city has spent only 9.86% of its budget in the first four months of the current FY 2020/21. The city could not perform well in the budget expense, economic development, social development, good governance, and inter-related sectors.

Six local governments in Dailekh has provided jobs to 2621 youths through various programs under the Prime Minister’s Employment Program.

COVID-19: Government officials have informed that there is a lack of space to store Coronavirus vaccines at provincial levels, and are thus trying to procure in small quantities. All the provinces do not have adequate facilities to store the vaccines once it arrives.

Provincial political-equation: Seven Provincial governments and assemblies have rippled after President Bidya Bhandari dissolved the parliament at the request of Prime Minister Oli. Except for Province 2 government, six provincial governments started their political equation at the provincial levels.

Due to the ongoing political drama after the parliament was dissolved and the possible split of NCP, the provincial governments are in a dilemma. Prime Minister Oli’s faction has been under the minority at most provincial governments.

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