News Digest – Federalism (December 3 – December 9, 2020)


Administrative Issues: The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration is preparing to amend the Local Government Operation Act and set up the provision that the post of the representatives who are/will be absent from the executive meeting continually for five times will be dismissed. The ministry will put an amendment bill in the upcoming winter session in the parliament.

The Election Commission has started preparations for the by-elections for local level representatives. The commission has demanded details of vacant posts of local representatives from the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration. There are more than 31 vacant posts at the local level. 

At a program of Reporters’ Club in Butwal, cadres of Nepali Congress urged to not move the capital to Dang  from Butwal immediately due to lack of infrastructures and do it only after the construction of the required infrastructure.

Bagmati Pradesh started to hire staff through the Provincial Public Service Commission.

Economic and Development Issues: Under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning, a cabinet meeting of the Bagmati Pradesh government decided to provide concessional loans to seven different sectors: agriculture, industry, tourism, small-business, environment, women, marginalized groups, and waste management. The Agriculture Development Bank and Sana Kisan Microfinance Institution Limited will invest a maximum of Rs one million at 3% interest rate for five years. 

Karnali Pradesh spent 6.55% of both the current expenditure and the capital budget in the first four months of the current fiscal year. The province had spent 1.1% in the first four months of the last fiscal year.

Sudurpashchim Pradesh government has not been able to make the Public Housing Program effective. Despite a substantial time has passed since the program started, but the government has not been able to pick it up. The government has constructed about 2,000 houses so far. The program is being run in all seven provinces.

The Ministry of Finance has directed the insurance companies to pay within three days of receiving the application of the Corona insurance as the insurance companies are taking a long time to provide the insurance. More than 32,000 applicants have applied filed for receiving insurance.

The government dispute: On December 3, Province 2 government filed the sixth petition against the federal government claiming that the federal government is interfering with the rights to operate in the building, vehicles, and other physical facilities.

The government announced to build 396 basic hospitals at the local level within two years, but 90 hospitals could not be inaugurated due to disputes among the local representatives. The dispute escalated was about who will inaugurate the hospitals. The Ministry of Health is trying to resolve the dispute.

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