News Digest – Federalism (February 11 – February 17)


Administrative Issues: On February 10, Chief of Province 2, Tilak Pariyar ratified the Province Civil Service Act, 2077 BS. According to the Act, the civil servants get mandatory retirement from the service after completion of 60 years. Similarly, the civil servant can also retire from the service on their own after 53 years. Financial service, planning and statistics, engineering, legal, agricultural, administration, forest, miscellaneous, education, and health services have been formed in the Provincial Civil Service Act. 

On February 17, the seventh meeting of the Bagmati Provincial Assembly postponed the meeting. The Provincial Assembly Secretariat informed that the assembly has postponed without being certain when it will be next held. Karnali Pradesh’s Chief Justice Vidya Bhushan Manandhar has resigned by showing his private cause.

According to the new procedure of Armed Police Force, APF has recalled the minister’s security forces from the seven provinces. 

Development Issues: Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of Province 2 claimed to have constructed 356 kilometers road in the last fiscal year 2020/21, with the construction of 51 km blacktopped, 75 km sloped, 170 km graveled, and 60 km new roads have been constructed.  

Province 2 government has started bus service to different cities over the province with the already purchased five buses.

Three years completion of the Provincial governments: The provincial governments, under the federal system, have completed three years in the third week of March. The provincial governments presented its achievements of three years. Similarly, Province 2 government presented its 93-point achievements on 11 titles. Similarly, Lumbini Pradesh also presented three years’ achievement as drafting of 65 bills. Out of 65 bills, 59 bills have been passed and have already entered the implementation phase. Similarly, Lumbini Province has succeeded to form the basic structure for the provincial offices. However, after three years, some governments remain confused about their roles. 

Health-related service: The Bagmati Pradesh has agreed to provide Rs 50,000 for the treatment of cancer patients from March 13, 2021. Earlier, the federal government had been providing Rs 100,000 to cancer patients. The province has allocated Rs 70 million for cancer service in the current fiscal year 2020/21.

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