News Digest – Federalism (January 21 – January 27)


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Budget and Development: The Ministry of Finance reviewed the half-yearly budget of the current fiscal year 2020/21. According to the Ministry, the government spent 14.40% of the capital budget and 36.08% of the recurrent budget. 

The Provincial Treasury Comptroller Office informed that Gandaki Pradesh spent only 15.32% of the budget during the first six months of the current fiscal year 2021. Compared to the previous year, about 1.5% more budget has been spent in the first six months in the current FY. The Ministry of Defense has spent the highest with 46.47% and the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Minister spent the lowest budget at the same time. 

Similarly, in the past six months of the current FY 2020/21, Karnali Pradesh spent 8.39% budget. Meanwhile, Karnali Pradesh has spent only 5.87% of the capital budget and 11.66% of the recurrent budget during the same period. The Provincial Management’s Office spent the higest with 54.7% and the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Minister spent the lowest with 0.59% at the same time.   

Administrative Issues: On January 2, the Prachanda-Nepal UML faction filed a vote of a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister (CM) of Bagmati Province Dormani Poudel. 45 Members of Parliament tabled the motion in the provincial assembly with the signatures, and proposed Astalaxmi Shakya’s name as a replacement to CM Poudel. The Provincial Public Commission of the Bagmati Pradesh opened a vacancy notice of more than 1100 staff for the fifth level.  

COVID-19 response: The Government of Nepal has started COVID-19 vaccination campaign all over the country on January 27. The government has planned to vaccinate frontline health workers, security personnel, and cleaning staff in the first phase of the program. The government sent 450 thousand vaccines at provincial levels on January 25.

Similarly, a meeting between the Provincial Crisis Management Committee and Chief Minister of Province 2 decided to launch the campaign against Coronavirus in eight districts. 

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