News Digest – Federalism (January 28 – February 3)


Administrative Issues: On February 1, the Bagmati Provincial Assembly postponed its meeting by showing some special reasons. Previously, during the assembly meeting, held on January, the meeting proposed a vote of no-confidence was filed against the chief minister Dormani Poudel. The provincial secretariat has scheduled the next meeting for February 14. The Province 1 Assembly scheduled the next winter session meeting on February 7. The assembly meeting has been affected after the proposed vote of a no-confidence motion against the CM.

The Bagmati Pradesh Assembly has succeeded to form 59 laws so far during the three years. It formed 24 laws in the fiscal year (FY) 2017/18, 21 laws in the FY 2018/19, and 14 laws in the last FY 2019/20. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Laws had committed that the Bagmati Pradesh form 99 laws within two years, but only 59 laws were formed during the two years.

Budget and Development Issues: The Ministry of Finance has projected that the economic growth rate will be five percent in the current FY. The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MOFAGA) has provided Rs. 6.7 billion for 695 local levels under the Local Infrastructure Development Partnership Program. The District Coordination Committee (DCC) selected the local programs and recommended it to the MOFAGA. Previously, the Parliamentary Development Fund was renamed as Local Infrastructure Development Partnership Program. Under this program, there are more than 1300 unfinished projects in the country. Such programs support to accelerate the unfinished projects. 

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