News Digest – Federalism (January 7 – January 13, 2021)


Budget: The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning of Province 1 sent a letter to provincial offices for deduction of budget expenses to balance the economic crisis. There has been economic crisis in Province 1 due to the pandemic. The ministry suggested stopping multi-year projects and also deduct the hospitality expense.

The Province 2 Forest Directorate has inappropriately spent more than 80% of its budget in construction of monasteries, temples, mosques, and walls in religious places.

Administration and Development: Nepal Tourism Board is going to set up its office in all seven provinces. The board has allocated Rs 10 million for the current fiscal year 2020/21 to set up its offices. Some provinces have plans to set up their tourism board’s office, whereas other provinces have already set up the offices

Most of the provincial assemblies have remained closed during the pandemic and the dissolution of the parliament has made it more difficult to work. Meanwhile, the Nepal Communist Party is on the verge of splitting. In the ongoing assembly of Gandaki Pradesh, MPs claimed that the government could not implement the budget and create job. There are more than 50 thousand unemployed listed in the province.   

Sudurpashchim Pradesh is going to set up oxygen plants in eight district hospitals of the province as providing oxygen timely is hindered due to difficult transportation. Currently, only Seti Provincial Hospital has an oxygen plant. Sudurpashchim Pradesh also plans to hire technical staff to accelerate the health services.

Security: Province 2 government formed an Investigation Bureau to investigate the criminal incidents in the province. There is an arrangement to appoint a deputy inspector general of police for a tenure of three years.

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