News Digest – Federalism (March 25-31, 2021)


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The observation of the Sharecast Initiative Nepal showed the people’s trust in government is falling sharply. The organization observed that the survey carried out on 5082 people showed only 50% satisfied with the local government and 30% with the federal government. Similarly, 27.4% of respondents were neutral while 21.2% showed dissatisfaction with the government. Among the participants, 1.3% said they had no information about the observation.

Economy and Development: The local government will start services through digital cost system from the upcoming fiscal year 2078/79. The Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General is supporting the services.

Karnali Pradesh spent only 13.41% of the budget in eight months of the current fiscal year. The province has spent only 10.86%o of the capital budget (development budget) and 16.72% of the recurrent budget so far.

Local levels of Kailali spent very less budget in eight months of the current fiscal year with an average spending of 36.6%.

Bagmati Pradesh is going to establish its provincial university. The study task force formed under the coordination of university professor Yuvaraj Sungraula has submitted a report to the government that the university can be established in the province. The provincial assembly is preparing the university-related bill. 

Health-related facilities: On March 28, the Health Directorate, Province 2 instructed health institutes to be alert for health emergencies. Health experts have predicted about the second phase of Coronavirus. The provincial-level COVID-19 coordination committee will organize meetings soon and will take further steps for Coronavirus control. Similarly, the district-level COVID-19 coordination committee organized meetings and suggested to establish quarantine and isolation facilities in the province.

After lockdown were imposed in different states in India, Nepali workers are again returning from there. Meanwhile, Karnali Pradesh Health Directorate started the service of health desk in Nepal-India borders. Karnali Province has also taken precautions after the rate of Coronavirus increased in India.

The Disaster Management Center of Karnali Pradesh has decided to set up COVID-19 hospitals in seven districts and treatment centers in all municipalities.

According to the Health Directorate of Dhankuta, Province 1 is going to provide medicine against Filariasis in three districts—Dhankuta, Jhapa, and Morang.

Administrative Issues: Speaker of the Province 1 Pradeep Kumar Bhandari has summoned an assembly meeting on April 5. Previously, Province 1 had postponed the assembly meeting several times. The upcoming assembly meeting will discuss the vote of no-confidence against the Chief Minister (CM) Sherdhan Rai. CM Rai is trying to cancel the motion. Moreover, CM Rai expanded his cabinet and he is confident that his tenure in the government will continue.  

After a near six-month long halt, the assembly meeting of Lumbini Pradesh was summoned  on March 31. As per the rule it is mandatory that the provincial assembly should organize a meeting within six months. The recent agenda of the assembly was to discuss pre-budget and bills.

The recommendation of the cabinet of Province 2 Governor Dr. Rajesh Ahiraj summoned the fifth convention of the Provincial Assembly for April 12. 

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