News Digest – Federalism (November 5 – 11)


Administration Issues: On November 5, the government of Province 2 filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court challenging the federal government against the Office of the Prime Minister and the Council of the Minsters (OPMCM), the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Police Headquarters seeking an order to complete the police adjustment as soon as possible. The constitution clearly defines the authority of police rights, peace, and security within the provincial government.  Province 2 accused the Federal government about delay to provide the police authority.

Province 2 has started internal preparations to recruit staff through the Provincial Public Service Commission (PSC). Through the PSC, the government can recruit fourth, fifth, and seventh levels staff.

Budget and Development issues: Despite repeated reminders from the Ministry of Federal Affair and General Administration, 37 local governments have not yet submitted their budget details for the current fiscal year 2077/78 BS. Province 2 has the highest number of local governments who have not submitted budget details. Out of 37 local governments, 32 in Province 2 has not submitted the budget details. Similarly, two local governments from each Province 1 and Bagmati Pradesh, and one from Sudurpashchim Pradesh are yet to submit the budget details. However, the federal government has repeatedly warned the local government for timely submission details, but local government is delaying.

COVID-19 Response: On November 9, a cabinet meeting decided to bear all the expenses for testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients in all government hospitals after the Supreme Court order. Earlier, on October 18, the government had decided to stop free treatment of COVID-19 patients at the government hospitals except for security personnel, health workers, senior citizens, and poor families.

Due to the growing COVID-19 serious patients, it has been extremely difficult to manage the ICUs and ventilators in Sudurpashchim Pradesh. Dadeldhura Hospital under the federal government in the Sudurpashchim Pradesh allocated Rs. 30 million to provide ICUs and ventilators for COVID-19 patients, but the services are yet to resume.

The government is preparing to monitor the COVID-19 patients in Kathmandu Valley as a door-to-door program. The government will form a COVID-19 Monitoring Group to cover at least 50 households in each wards. The group will monitor the patients and fulfill their needs as well as contact tracing of COVID-19 patients.

Bagmati Pradesh has spent Rs. 480.28 million for the treatment and control in the COVID-19 so far.

Miscellaneous: On November 9, Bagmati Pradesh formed a Provincial Level Bird Flu Control Coordination Committee. The committee will take action to control bird flu as soon as it is detected. The government has provided more than Rs. 230 million for bird flu victims so far.

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