News Digest – Federalism (October 29- November 4, 2020)


Development Issues: In the first of its  kind, the local representatives of Fedikhola Municipality of Syangja district established a Workers Provident Fund. The municipality has urged the workers to list their details in the fund as soon as possible. According to the rule of the fund, 30% of the total wage will be deposited, 15% from their earnings and the remaining 15% from the municipality’s amount.

Most of the local governments of Dang district have started implementing development schemes in the current fiscal year 2020/21. The local governments are preparing to form a consumer committee and sign a planning agreement before the Tihar festival, and it is planning to implement the schemes after the festival. The local governments are preparing to start and complete the development work on time this year. Last year, the development works were affected due to lockdown.

Local governments of Karnali Pradesh planned to give priority to the road construction but 80% of those constructed are not in use because the local representatives have not fully constructed the roads. The local representatives do not even evaluate the quality of road construction.

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Development, Bagmati Pradesh, has committed to replacing old cable crossings (Tuins) with suspension bridges within the current fiscal year 2020/21. The ministry has already mobilized technical teams in 10 districts except for Kathmandu Valley.

Administration Issues: The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has instructed all District Coordination Committee (DCC) to send their details of vacant posts within three days.  

According to the report ‘Comparative Study of Laws Issued at Local Level’ prepared by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, local governments have enacted an average of most essential 16 laws. The study has shown that local governments have focused on meeting the immediate needs and operation of small plans and programs. Most of the local governments have not been able to formulate laws related to the protection and rights related to natural resources.

COVID-19 Response Issue: Local representatives of Kathmandu Valley criticized that the federal government has not taken any actions in Coronavirus control. With the number of people infected with COVID-19 increasing massively, there are a few instances where people could be seen wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

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