News Digest – Federalism September 24 – 30


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The dispute among three tiers of government: Province 2 filed three petitions against the federal government so far. First is against the federal government’s move to nullify the Forest Act. The second is against the federal government’s decision to merge Sagarnath Forest Development Project with the Timber Corporation. The third is related to Civil Servants Act as per which civil servants who were already adjusted have been readjusted again undermining the provincial government’s constitutional authority to do so. Province 2 now is also planning to file three more petitions against the federal government’s decisions. In one of its petitions, it wants to demand that it be allowed to investigate criminal cases. Province 2 also wants to move the Supreme Court demanding that federal government stop frequent transfers of secretaries in the province. The third petition is related to Police Act demanding that the province be allowed to mobilize police on its own.

The government of Province 2 has warned to file a case against the federal government if fails to complete the readjustment of police within a week.

There has been increased misunderstanding among the three tiers of governments regarding the power exercise. Due to the delay in making the laws by the federal government, the provincial and local governments are facing delays in making necessary laws.

On September 12, the cabinet meeting of Province 2 approved the Provincial Public Service Commission to recruit technical staff based on the Federal Act.

Education and development: For the first time Dhulikhel Education Training Center, under Bagmati Pradesh, organized online education training for teachers working in community schools. The center has trained 250 teachers from all 13 districts under the province.

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