News Digest: Gender and Social Inclusion (May 20 – 26)


Migrant workers and families who are entitled to financial support from government for death, injury or illness are receiving compensation directly in their bank accounts without having to travel to Kathmandu.

New opportunities for migrant workers open as the gulf demands one lakh seventeen thousand laborers.

Nepali migrant workers find themselves entangled in a relatively new labor destination, Poland’s red tape.

Valley’s low income people find themselves struggling to make ends meet as the authorities prepare to extend the restrictions.

Farmers from Gandaki province are forced to work at fields without support of the neighbors during the busy season as the impact of the pandemic increases.

Huge relief to low income COVID-19 patients as different social organizations and groups are providing cheap or free food facilities and medical equipment.

Workers of transport sector lose their employment and the sector faces uncertainty.

The future of marginalized students under threat as the daily classes of students with no access to technology is obstructed.

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