News Digest Gender and Social Inclusion (May 27-2 June, 2021)


Government approved the reopening of international flights in limited numbers to China, Qatar and Turkey from early June but the quoted fares are estimated to be tripled from the pre-COVID era.

Migrant Workers Returning from India to Escape the Indian Second Wave

Many infected migrant workers returned back home after health services in India are overwhelmed with the flow of patients. The vicious second wave carried by migrant workers and others has stretched the country’s medical system beyond its limit.

Many migrant workers stuck in the Gulf, Malaysia and other countries are on the verge of overstaying their visas as the flight suspension and lockdown affect their return.

Daily wage workers are facing a hard time for daily sustenance as the restriction/ lockdown is at its peak and they have been living without a job or income for almost more than a month now.

The Federal government has issued ‘Operation of Livelihood Improvement Programme, 2021’ with the vision of enhancing women’s standard of living and empowering them through entrepreneurship development by ensuring judicious use of local resources.

Many senior citizens waiting for the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination worry about the availability of vaccination as the death rates are still going high.

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