News Digest: Gender & Social Inclusion (August 5 – 11, 2021)


According to the reports of Nepal Police, 2,534 cases of rapes were reported whereas around 735 incidents of attempted rape were reported in the fiscal year 2020-2021 compared to 2,144 cases of rape and 687 cases of attempted rape in the previous fiscal year. The main perpetrators were found to be close relatives and acquaintances in most of the cases.

As the government has decided to make online registration mandatory to get vaccinated, a question about the access to technology is now a big issue as there exists a technology gap in Nepal.

 The Health Ministry to issue vaccination certificates with QR codes to outbound migrant workers. Many workers had been struggling to get the QR coded certificate as the previous certificate did not contain any QR codes.

Tribhuvan University still continues the exams of Bachelor and Master level after dozens of students protested with a staged demonstration outside Padma Kanya Campus at BagBazaar and various other exam centers. The government seems to have under looked the current pandemic situation by not following the health safety protocols and packing students – most of whom are unvaccinated – for the exams, increasing the risk of transmission.

Many senior citizens and persons with disability struggle to receive social security allowances as the banks require them to visit physically for the allowance.

The Israel caregiver jobs have received an overwhelming response as more that 5,000 candidates have already applied for it and over 20,000 are in the application process for the vacancy of 1,000 jobs.

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