News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (December 3 – December 9, 2020)


Babita Marik's son peeps through the bamboo wall. Bamboos are essential part of Mariks' lives.

Inadequate commissioners in National Women’s Commission: Since 2017, National Women’s Commission is without officers including chairperson. However, the hotline services inducted in 2017 to record complaints against violence against women are working smoothly as claimed by the commission.

Soaring child mortality rate: In the migrating cluster of Bajura district, a high child mortality rate has been seen. The lack of required care and rest is the major cause. Women are compelled to do laborious work in their post maternity phase, and thus they cannot provide enough care to the new born. Further, lack of family planning knowledge has resulted in higher number of child birth.

Poor representation of Dalits in state mechanism: As per the report of National Human Rights Commission, the representation of people from marginalised community including Dalits are negligible in local level, federal level, civil servants, and judiciary.

Winter worsening Dalits’ plight: The condition of Dalit community in Bara district during winter is in a sorry state due to the lack of basic needs such as housing, warm clothing, and source of income. They have no means to sustain themselves in winter.

Departure of migrant workers on visit visa emerging: A number of Nepali migrant workers are going to labour destination for foreign employment on visit visa. Migrant workers have chosen this means of travelling to destination countries as they can evade foreign employment rules. Several hundred migrant workers have left on visit visa as per government estimate. Owing to this, it becomes difficult for government agencies to keep track of migrant workers in destination countries.

Women of disabilities prone to violence: According to the report submitted by The National Federation of the Disabled Nepal, 67% of women with disability have faced some form of violence. However, the percentage of reported cases is merely 16%. Report also suggests that the victims of violence are 10% more than that of victims without disability.

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