News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (February 11 – February 17)


Online harassment charges against a man: Police detained Binay Jung Basnet from New Bus Park on February 16 charging him of online harassment against Sapana Roka Magar. The complaint was lodged on February 14 for harassing Magar and threatening her online to make inappropriate pictures public.

Investigative developments in Bhagrathi Case: Police have deducted that the rape and murder of the Bhagrathi was committed by someone known to her. As per the police, the perpetrator will be found soon and the case has almost come to an end. Police are waiting for the forensic report to corroborate with the facts of the case. The details of the case will be disclosed after perpetrator is arrested.

Hiring women to increase productivity: As Nepali men are opting for foreign employment, factories such as Jagdamba Spinning Mills are considering women as viable alternatives. Due to high labour turnover, the factory is always in labour deficit. The factory has prioritized hiring women workers as they work more responsibly in comparison to men, which ultimately increases productivity of the factory. They are also planning to operate day shift in entirety by women and also to hire 350 additional women workers.

Probing into Nepali teenager’s rape and murder case in India: A special probe team was formulated to conduct investigation of rape and murder case of a 13-year-old Nepali girl in bordering district of India. An intensive investigation was carried out at the place of incident on February 11. The investigation so far has deduced that the child was raped, murdered, and burnt with the help of local police to destroy evidences. The police involved in the crime has been suspended.

Mass women protest in capital: Hundreds of women, including women rights activists, hit the streets demanding equal rights to women and end of violence against women on February 12 in Kathmandu. They also protested against the travel restriction imposed on women below the age of 40.

Foreign travel restrictions for women under 40: According to Director of Department of Immigration (DOI), the proposal of a draconian policy against free mobility of women has been sent to Home Ministry. The policy requires women under the age of 40 to obtain permit letters from their family head or the husband along with permission of ward office to independently travel abroad. However, due to public pressure, the blanket ban was amended to ‘women under age of 40 travelling to Gulf and African countries.’ The rationale behind the proposed policy is to combat human trafficking as per the director of DOI.

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