News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (February 4 – February 10)


People demonstrate in Baitadi asking for justice for murdered Bhagirathi

Photo: RSS

Training of migrant workers prior departure: Foreign Employment Board is preparing to give 12-hour orientation to migrant workers prior to their departures to destination countries. It has come up with new curriculum which is going to be implemented from February 13.

Korea suspends labor migration: Korea is wary about Nepali labor migrants owing to the risk of COVID-19, therefore, had banned labor migration to Korea. Korea has allowed migrant workers from Cambodia. However, the doors for Nepali migrant is still closed. South Korea is most preferred labor destination amongst other countries due to safety reasons, higher income, and other perks. Further, this year the minimum wage in South Korea increased by 1.5%.

Rape and murder of Nepali girl in Bihar: On January 21, a 12-year-old Nepali girl was allegedly raped by 11 men in Bihar, India. As per initial probe and audio evidence, the involvement of the local police officer in burying the victim’s body was also seen. The victim’s father was coerced into burying the victim’s body instantly. They threatened him to sign a paper and return Nepal. Two out of the 11 accused have been detained, and police is further probing the case.

A 13-year-old accused of rape: A13-year-old boy allegedly raped a 4-year-old girl in school in Gorkha on February 3. The accused is in the police custody. The act was committed after school in a toilet inside school premise. Police are conducting further investigation and stated that it’s a sensitive case as both the victim and the perpetrator are minors.

Bhagirathi rape and murder case: A 17-year-old girl was found dead in community forest in Baitadi on February 4. Six suspects were detained and interrogated by police. Vaginal swab of the victim was sent to the National Forensic Science Laboratory in Kathmandu on February 8. The forensic report suggests that she was raped and then murdered. Nepali Congress District Committee along with Dahal-Nepal faction has demanded for strict investigation of the case. Further, NHRC has formed an inspection team to closely surveil the investigation.

Human trafficking legislations requires amendment: Human trafficking laws in Nepal is not in accordance with the UN Protocol, namely, Palermo Protocol, and requires amendment. According to the executive director of Forum for Women, Law and Development, there is a need to widen the scope of laws against human trafficking, human smuggling and migrant workers.

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