News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (January 14 – January 20)


Perpetuating impunity: Human Rights Watch (HRW) states that in the year 2020, there was little done to ensure justice to the victims of conflict era. Effective investigation is lacking in the cases of alleged extra-judicial killings and custodial deaths by police as per the HRW’s Global Report. HRW also issued a statement stating Dalits and minority ethnic communities were exposed to higher risk of abuse.

A man arrested for murder: Police took a man into custody on suspicion of him being involved in the death of his wife. The dead body was inside their house in Makwanpur on January 18. The police are probing into the case.

Hunger strike: Ganga Maya Adhikari, mother of a victim of Maoist insurgency, is on the 25th day of hunger strike in Kathmandu seeking justice for her deceased son. According to the doctors and human rights activists, her condition is severe. She finally resorted to hunger strike after several failed attempts to get justice even after the Comprehensive Peace Accord. The body of the deceased is still in morgue of Teaching hospital since the past seven years.

Violation of press rights: The 2020 report by Freedom Forum on the status of press rights and freedom states that 96 press freedom violation was registered in 2020. Nevertheless, a decline was witnessed compared to the report of 2019 (111 cases). 50% of the incidents were recorded during the lockdown period. The highest number of violation was seen in Bagmati province (27 incidents).

Payment to sugarcane farmers: Sugarcane farmers claim that they have been deceived by the government once again. However, as per the Ministry of Home Affairs 73% of the due payments have been deposited into bank accounts of the farmers. The government has assured the payment of the remaining money as well.

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