News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (January 21 – January 27)


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Labor agreement Between Nepal and Israel: An agreement was made between Nepal and Israel to provide services and facilities to Nepali migrant workers at par with the citizens of Israel. The agreement was made on September 30, 2020; however, the agreement on ‘implementation protocol’ an imperative part of the agreement happened on January 21, 2021.

Repatriation of Nepali women migrants: Ten Nepali women migrant workers were repatriated from Beirut on January 21. These women were living in Lebanon, without any documents, for 6 to 12 years. The ongoing recession coupled with the pandemic and the explosion has massively affected the lives of many migrant workers residing in Lebanon. Many migrant workers were unemployed and stranded and were awaiting to come home. Further, the government has barred women from working as domestic workers in Lebanon. Nevertheless, the women continue to go through illicit means.

Homecoming of Migrant workers from Macao: 147 migrant workers were brought back in a chartered flight of Nepal Airlines from Macao on January 20. The workers had to pay Rs 91,000 for the flight. It was the first time a chartered flight from NAC was sent to Macao for repatriation.

17 Dead bodies brought back from Malaysia: 17 dead bodies of Nepali migrant workers from Malaysia were brought back on January 23. They died of various ailments.

Campaign against chhaupadi in Kalikot: A group of 20 teenage girls ran a campaign against chhaupadi by raising awareness in the community about the evils of the particular practice. This has also improved the attendance of girls in schools.

Continuum of Dalit’s plight: Dalits have always remained the outcast in society; however, the year 2020, in particular, reported several heinous crimes against people of Dalit community. The soaring reported cases ignited various campaigns like #Dalitlivesmatter; however. seeking justice for the wrongs inflicted upon Dalit victims remains a difficult task.

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