News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (January 28 – February 3)


Photo: RSS

Prevalence of labor exploitation: Brick industries have the worst forms of labor exploitation that include child labor, bonded labor, and forced labor according to a survey. The study underlines the nexus between cross-border and internal migration and how children are susceptible of labor exploitations. As per the report, the majority of workers in bricks industries are from India, comprising a whopping 46%.

Recruiting agencies under scrutiny: Recruiting agencies decry the invasive oversight of the government bodies. 854 recruiting agencies protested outside the office of Department of Foreign Employment on January 31. The increased supervision by the government is owing to a number of migrant workers being cheated, charged lofty amount, and sent to destination countries on visit visas. 

Lack of investigation into custodial deaths: Six custodial deaths have been reported in the last one year; however, no major action has been taken to investigate these cases. United Nations has out rightly condemned such custodial deaths and police brutality in Nepal. It has admonished the government to expedite the investigation process, provide details thereof, and ensure justice to the victims.

Capital city requires to be disable- friendly: The roads and traffic infrastructures of Kathmandu city are not equipped for differently abled people. This infringes the right to equality enshrined in the Constitution. The lack of disable-friendly road infrastructure increases the vulnerability of differently abled people to many accidents. However, the Butwal-Belhiya road is being made with inclusivity in mind.

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