News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (January 7 – January 13, 2021)


Honour killing: A 15-year-girl old was burnt alive by her mother in Parsa district on November 14, 2020 because the daughter had an affair with a lower caste guy. The police instituted a case against the mother at Parsa District Court.

Recognition of good recruiting agencies: International Manpower (IMR), a recruiting agency, has sent more than 6000 workers to Malaysia free of charge. The agency has been sending employees to Malaysia and now even to Gulf in ethical manner since 17 years. In last four years, the agency has declined to collaborate with employers refusing to pay service fees. Similarly, the Ethics Practitioners Association of Nepal (EPAN) another ethical recruiting agency has not been able to interest any employers.

COVID crisis takes a toll on women: The pandemic has exposed women to higher risk of trafficking. Women who are struggling financially are the ones being victim to illegal export of migrant workers to various destination countries. Jamunaha border has become the most common route used by traffickers. As per data provided by Maiti Nepal, in the year 2020, 267 women and girls were rescued.

Migrant workers departing without legitimate demand: A group of five disgruntled workers filed a complaint in Department of Foreign Employment as recruiting agency charged them Rs. 130,000 for their jobs which is thirteen times higher than the fee amount stipulated by the governments rule. Upon investigation it was found that the recruiting agency had not obtained demand to the Bahraini company. The workers were being sent on the demand acquired by a different company. Two agencies were conspiring to commit fraud.

BK’s family approaching international court for justice: The parents of Nawaraj BK, a Dalit boy who was killed in the Rukum incident, have gradually lost faith in the justice delivering mechanism of the country as the perpetrators involved in the crime were treated leniently. They have not accepted the compensation offered by the government as well.  The lawyers have stated that this is the case of genocide and has to be taken before the international court if justice is denied in the country.

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