News Digest: Gender & Social Inclusion (Jul 22 – 28, 2021)


Kuwait, one of the popular destinations for Nepali migrant workers has decided to make vaccination mandatory for all foreign nationals trying to enter the country from August.  After entering Kuwait, the workers will have to stay for a mandatory 7-day home quarantine and test negative through a PCR test. As migrant workers are still struggling to get vaccine in Nepal, this decision of Kuwaiti Government may affect the Nepali workers.

The vaccinated migrant workers are lining up at the Teku Hospital to collect their vaccination certificates along with those who are still to be vaccinated. After the decision of Health Ministry to start administering the Jenssen vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, migrant workers were vaccinated based on their departure date as many destination countries made the vaccination mandatory. But the mismanagement at hospital premises due to overcrowding flow of both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people and failure to follow proper health standards could worsen the spread of the virus.

Israeli Government has announced 1000 vacancies for Nepali migrant workers. The Department of Foreign Employment has issued a notice saying that Israel has placed demand for 700 females and 300 male care givers in the first lot.

Hundreds of Nepali migrant workers were stranded in Malaysia after their visa expired during the lockdown period. Due to this, they haven’t been able to get the check-out memo to return back to Nepal.

District administration Office Kathmandu has increased the wage of daily workers by 5%. The workers of construction industry and other wage workers will receive Rs.790 per day; previously the rate was Rs.750 per day. Also now the wage in waste management and drainage clean-up workers is increased from Rs.1070 to Rs.1125.

The government will bear the quarantine expenses for those migrant workers who have returned to Nepal through deportation centers abroad, released from jail and those who have returned to Nepal without any money.

Former speaker of the Parliament of Nepal, Krishna Bahadur Mahara has received clearance on the rape charges by the Patan High Court. Mahara was accused and charged with the case of attempted rape on a staff of the parliament. The Kathmandu District Court had also ruled that there were insufficient claim on the charges against Mahara.

Many local level governments are initiating to distribute social security allowance to single males. This initiative is supposed to help the marginalized men and promote gender equality.

The cases of missing women and girls are on rise but due to the lack of follow up, many cases are still under uncertainty. According to the Police reports, 511 women and girls were lost during the lockdown and restriction period, out of which only 113 were found.

A marginalized Dalit woman was brutally beaten by her neighbor after supposedly stealing mobile sim card. The woman was 3 months pregnant at the time but she miscarried due to the beating and medical treatment. Her mental health was also drastically affected. She is currently under treatment at BP Koirala Institue of Health Sciences whereas her family is having hard time arranging the funds for her treatment.

The lack of disability friendly infrastructure in the capital has been a great disadvantage to the persons with disability as it affects their daily mobility and activities.

17-year old man has been arrested in Palpa  for raping an 11 years old girl.

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