News Digest: Gender & Social Inclusion (July 15 – 21, 2021)


Two people accused of raping a minor girl with disability have been arrested from Sindhuli. One of the accused is a 70 years old male from Sunkoshi, Sindhuli. According to the reports published by Sindhuli Hospital’s Crisis Management Center total 388 cases of violence against women and girls were reported among with 42 cases were of rape whereas 16 cases were related to rape or attempted rape. Similar cases of rape and attempted rape have been reported in many places across the nation.

Many women are being sent to forest and animal sheds for delivery in remote villages of Baglung as the process of childbearing is considered impure according to village traditions. The lives of mother and child face high risk and vulnerability due to this tradition as women are denied care, nutrition and protection during the critical time of maternity and childbirth.

Women are unknowably becoming the victims of obstetric violence as the trend of pre-planned surgery according to the astrological predictions is on rise in the city areas of Nepal. This practice is unnatural and it may be harmful for both mother and child.

According to the survey reports of WOREC Nepal total 341 cases of violence against women and girls have been reported in the lockdown period between Baishak 16 and Asar 31, 2078. Among the reported cases,  more than 50 percent were of domestic violence whereas others were of physical and mental harassment, rape, dowry crimes, suicide, acid attacks and online crimes.

Due to the lack of physical and digital infrastructure students from remote geographic areas like Kalikot are unable to access the alternative education platform during the pandemic. According to the teachers classes will be resumed after all students and teachers are vaccinated.

According to the official data published by WHO and UNICEF, 23 million children missed out on the basic vaccination through immunization services in 2020 as the main focus remaining the COVID-19 vaccination worldwide. This data shows a concerning need of addressing the increasing number of unprotected children to prevent multiple disease outbreaks among the children in developing countries like Nepal.

The Ministry of Health and Population has started administering the single shot Janssen vaccine developed by Johnson and Johnson to the migrant workers along with Kathmandu valley residents aged 50 to 54, persons with disability, refugees living in Nepal, health officials and sanitation workers at heath facilities. The vaccine is not available for migrant workers going to any countries but only to those workers whose labour destinations have made COVID-19 vaccines mandatory.

Abuse and exploitation of migrant workers in Qatar as the nation prepares to host FIFA world cup in 2020 comes into limelight once again as the recent report published by Business and Human Rights shows various forms of abuse and exploitation. Qatar is a top labour destination for Nepali migrant workers and many cases of similar abuse and exploitation like payment denial, unsafe living conditions etc. to Nepali workers who have been working in FIFA World Cup projects are reported time and again.

Israel likely to hire Nepali caregivers soon as both countries have signed an agreement. The agreement will be soon put into action as Israel prepares to send the demand documents.

Police warn the aspirant foreign migrant workers of scam and fraud hiring agencies that are active nowadays. The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police has arrested four people with around Rs.4 million collected illegally from the job seekers. Many other groups and agencies are also involved in luring the job seekers and illegally charging money from them.

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