News Digest: Gender & Social Inclusion (July 29- August 04, 2021)


Migrant workers are struggling for vaccination and certification as the numbers of vaccine seekers is on rise. The lack of coordination has been a torturing experience for the migrant workers as the whole process of vaccination had added even more hassles to their migration plans.

According to the Department of Foreign Employment the workers who intend to go for Israeli caregiver jobs need to pay hefty amount of Rs.165,700 to bear their expenses including airfare, health insurance, pre departure training, medical examination and others. This amount is the highest that a Nepali migrant worker pays for a foreign job.

Many Kuwait bound workers are facing new challenges as the vaccination certificate do not have QR code. The vaccine certificates issued by the Nepal government are not accepted in the country This has shown a high ignorance from Nepali authorities in such a critical matter.

According to the Centre of Education and Human Resources out of Rs. 850 million scholarship funds only Rs. 150 million was used. Only 13,305 students were benefitted from the scholarship scheme out of target 83,592 students. While many students dropout from schools due to the economic reasons it is shameful that around Rs.700 million goes unspent.

Sex workers facing so many challenges amidst the pandemic as they struggle for daily sustenance. Maiti Nepal has been providing relief aid to the sex workers, both active and former.

26 years old man accused of sexually harassing a four years old girl is arrested from Siraha.

A most wanted woman, Sabitri Mukhiya alias Sabitridevi Malaha who was allegedly involved in trafficking of 25 women from disadvantaged groups. The 25 women were lured by Mukhiya as she promised them decent jobs in Kuwait. The women flew to Sri Lanka via New Delhi Airport but they were arrested by Colombo police and sent to prison for 13 months for staying illegally after raiding the house where they were being held hostage.

Nepali migrant worker who is currently working in Malaysia is accused of harassing multiple women via social media by sending nude pictures and altering pictures. He is being accused of spreading media defamation and pornography.

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