News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (July 8-14, 2021)


According to the reports maintained by Nepal Police total 19,095 cases of missing girls and women were reported in the last four years.  In the year 2077/078 alone almost 5000 similar cases were reported across the nation. Among the 19,095 missing cases, 5,918 have been found after police investigation whereas rests are still missing. Many cases have similar pattern of sudden disappearance, love crime and kidnapping. Humanities Professor Dr. Om Gurung has stated that the online exposure of women and girls has increased the risk to their security and lives.

Many youths feel excluded by the Nepal Youth Council and they are unaware about the progress and programs of the council in the 5 years since its establishment in 2072.  The council has spent more than Rs.1,24,12,00,000 but has failed to show remarkable work progress.

Malaysia has extended the amnesty deal line till December 31. The amnesty document will offer an opportunity for undocumented foreign workers to either return home voluntarily or apply for legal status.

Cases of family violence have drastically increased in Province no.1. In the year 2077/078 53 people have been killed in 52 cases of family violence across all districts of Province 1 except for Solukhumbu. According to the police reports the most common causes for family violence are related with unemployment, property distribution, mental health issues, technological misuse and foreign employment.

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