News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (June 1 – 7, 2021)


Rupa Sunar, an alleged victim of caste discrimination (house rent case) has filed a petition at the Supreme Court on Sunday demanding that Education Minister Krishna Gopal Shakya be sacked from the government. The minister is accused of influencing serious cases like caste discrimination by misusing his authority and government resources in an on-going investigation.

The dead body of a woman missing for 10 days has been found in a forest. According to police investigation no proof of murder, rape, suicide or other crimes have been found in the postmortem file but a bottle of poison was found nearby. Further details will be released after the result of Viscera report. The locals have obstructed the east-west highway demanding a fair investigation into the police. The police also had to impose curfew after the possibility of locals aggressively destroying private and public property was suspected.

The health and transportation access of people from Jajarkot and other geographically remote areas are in a vulnerable condition during the monsoon season. The haphazard construction of roads in hilly region has increased the risk of flood and landslide alongside the transportation has also been severely affected. The patients have no option but to seek help of stretchers carried by people to travel for treatment.

Nine children from Humla district were reunited with families after rescuing them from various child-care homes in Kathmandu. The child-care homes they were staying at were found of disregarding the Residential Child Protection Home Operation and Management Standards, 2069 BS.

As officials warn of a three-month long monsoon, the rainfall inflicted disasters are taking a toll on marginalized and geographically remote communities. Many settlements have been destroyed by rain and 38 people are killed in the rain related incidents across many districts. Due to physical and human loss from the rain, some districts have installed siren as the flood early warning system to reduce humanitarian loss from the incidents.

On the virtual interaction held on the topic, ’14th General Convention of the Nepali Congress: Policy and Women in Leadership’ organized by Our Campaign for Democracy, Political leaders are encouraging the participation of women in politics.

The current Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Lila Nath Shrestha has addressed the issue of violence against women while participating in a virtual program organized by Outline media. He has highlighted the importance of coordination of government agencies with the related organizations.

The Nepal Health Research Council organized a two-day summit of the health and population scientists in the capital from July 1 to 2. In the summit, action papers and research papers related to different social, health and environmental issues were presented.

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