News Digest: Gender & Social Inclusion (June 17 – 23, 2021)


As a large number of migrant workers were affected by the flight suspension, the government is set to resume flights to six more countries. The countries to be resumed the flights are the popular labour destination countries of Nepali migrant workers: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UAE and Malaysia. According to the authorities, flights will be added and resumed to other countries too in the coming weeks.

During the lockdown period between April 29 to June 31, total 371 cases of violence against 171 women and girls were reported. Among them, 73 women and girls were raped. The main perpetrators were found to be either a neighbor, a family member and in most cases, girls were below the age of 16.

A Dalit woman who was refused a room for rent due to her surname reports it to police. The landlord was arrested for three days and further investigation will take place in Kathmandu District Court. This case brings the problem of casteism in light as many people have suffered from such discriminatory behavior due to their caste.  

A 19 years old male arrested for the murder of a 9-year old girl after brutally raping her. He was arrested from the Nepal – India border area during his attempt to escape.

A dead body of an unidentified woman found in a public toilet at Dakshinkali, Kathmandu. Police suspects the crime as murder after rape. With the start of new educational session, the students from rural areas are being deprived due to the lack of technological access and systematic planning.

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