News Digest: Gender & Social Inclusion (June 3 – 9, 2021)


A total 4,448 cases of violence were reported as revealed by crime data against Women, children and Senior Citizens during the lockdown period. There were 16 cases of violence, rape and human trafficking in first week of June.

Three people from Surkhet were arrested for sexual assault on two Raute women while on heavy influence of alcohol. The crime came into limelight when the video was posted on social media. The Nation Indigenous Women’s Federation (NIWF) has issued a statement about the seriousness of the incident.  The women who are now back with their own group, face threat in their community as the Raute community has its own rules, according to which the abused women might even get killed.

Experts condemn the decision made by government for distributing COVID-19 vaccines as questions arises over equitable distribution. Government is accused of prioritizing the residents of Kathmandu valley more than those living on other districts as the main focus of vaccination is in the Valley.

The struggle for life and livelihood is evident in the second wave (similar to the first wave) after the government imposed strict lockdown to control the infection rate as people are panic buying the commodities needed for daily sustenance.

Many individuals and organizations are seen helping the poor people affected by the prohibitory orders placed by administration.

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