News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (March 11 – March 17, 2021)


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Government stalls Korean Jobs: Since indefinite suspension of foreign employment in South Korea as an aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of migrant workers have been waiting for over a year to travel to South Korea. Many workers had already received contracts from the employers which after nine months got rescinded. These aspiring workers have invested huge sum in the process to travel to Korea which includes learning Korean language. The workers blame the government for not taking any steps to resume foreign employment in Korea.

Impoverishment a great concern in Bajura: A Dalit family in Bajura district is suffering due to financial crisis. Inadequacy of food have caused them severe health issues and malnutrition. The family has already suffered the loss of three children owing to the same. The entire district has been facing food scarcity for a prolonged time.

Migrant worker to benefit from Saudi labour reforms: Saudi Arabia came up with new labour reforms to ensure safer working environment for migrant workers on March 14. The reforms were brought about with an intention to improve the ‘Kafala’ system that tends to make workers more vulnerable to exploitation. However, the labour experts have stated that mere reforms will not suffice, the enforcement of which is the actual challenge. Also, the reforms fail to cover domestic workers and do not fall under the scope of labour laws.

Postpartum and pregnant women rescued: As per the annual progress report (2019-20) of the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, 87 pregnant and postpartum women were rescued from various rural areas of the country by providing air ambulance facilities to women in emergency situations and taken to nearest hospitals under the President’s Women Uplift Program. The program fully covers 30 districts and partially covers 4 districts. The Ministry has stated that the program has been running effectively.

A woman charged for false rape allegation: A 37-year-old women was sentenced to jail for three and half years for falsely accusing a man of rape by a single bench of judge in Surkhet.

Steps to eradicate gender based violence in community schools: Itahari has taken steps to curb sexual violence and gender based violence (GBV) in 36 community schools by appointing a female teacher as a gender focal person. Any incident of sexual violence and information thereof will be reported to the focal person and thereafter legal actions will be proceeded. The focal persons have committed to play active role in ensuring safer environment for students. The initiative also aims to run an awareness program against GBV.

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