News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (March 25-31, 2021)


Photo: RSS

Shrinking institutional births in rural areas: Badigad Rural Municipality is facing higher infant mortality and pregnancy complications due to lack of awareness regarding maternity health. The number of institutional child birth is very low and women refrain from visiting health posts for regular check-ups as well as per the District Health Office. The Municipality has recorded 46 pregnant women who are due before mid-July and health workers are asked to visit them regularly to curb complications during delivery. Further, health workers have initiated campaign related maternity health across the municipality.

Sexual harassment case in Saptari: Police arrested a doctor of Chinnamasta Hospital of Saptari district on March 26 for allegedly sexually harassing a women in his cabin. The doctor has been suspended from the hospital. Police are further conducting the investigation.

En masse Suicide: A 28-old-woman attempted suicide along with her children on March 25. She first killed her son by hanging him and then she jumped into the River with her daughter. The daughter nevertheless manage to survive and the woman has sustained severe injury. The woman is admitted to the hospital and undertaking treatment. The police are investigating into the reason of attempting suicide. The body of the son is taken to Dailekh District Hospital for autopsy.

Pandemic repatriation scheme availed by limited migrant workers: As per the data of the Foreign Employment Board, only 217 migrant workers were able to access to the government’s repatriation scheme. 500,000 migrant workers were anticipated to come back home owing to the COVID crisis. More than 356,107 Nepalis have come back out of which majority of them came back at their own cost. The government has shown reluctance in spending funds for repatriation of migrant workers.

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