News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (November 5 – 11)


Women working to plant saplings in Rupani VDC of Nepal. These women get Rs 2 per sapling planted and they plant around 500 to 600 saplings a day. This has made them economically empowered. When women are economically empowered, they empower their family. Women get voice from economic freedom. When they do not have this work, they find work as labourers.

Repatriation via regular flights: The COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) recommended government to bring back stranded Nepalis from various countries via regular flights. 136,216 Nepali nationals from different countries have been repatriated via 911 repatriation flights thus far. CCMC will present detailed report to the Cabinet soon.

Nepali women held hostage in Saudi Arabia: A Nepali woman from Jhapa has been held hostage in Saudi Arabia since last 15 years. Her whereabouts were not known to her family since she reached Saudi. She finally contacted her family two months ago. Her family has pleaded Nepal Government for her rescue.

Trafficker arrested: Police arrested a man accused of trafficking a woman from his residence in Lalitpur on November 4. As per the police, the trafficker allegedly trafficked a 23-year-old woman to Lebanon. He also had been sexually exploiting the woman since the past 10 years. Police has initiated the investigation.

Rescue of Nepali girls being trafficked: 12 Nepali girls supposedly being trafficked to India were rescued by Nepal police. Four of them were found from Indo-Nepal border in Parsa and rest from India. Police has taken the trafficker into the custody. The victims are now in an organisation called Aaphanta Nepal which also helped in the rescue of the trafficked victim.

Plight of inmates in Rautahat Prison: Prisoners in the Rautahat prison are living in a deplorable condition. The prisoners residing have exceeded in the capacity of the correctional homes. They have been denied basic human rights.

Rights is state of despair amidst pandemic: Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, NHRC has shown its discontent towards the appalling condition of human rights in Bagmati province. The report submitted by NHRC office of Bagmati Province shows the unpreparedness of the province to tackle the ongoing COVID-crisis.

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