News Digest – Gender & Social Inclusion (October 29- November 4, 2020)


freedom from suppression

Migrant workers seek reimbursement: 30 returnee migrant workers applied for refund for the amount spent on airfare while returning home, according to Department of Foreign Employment. The provision under repatriation guidelines by the Supreme Court ensures reimbursement. However, the process for seeking refund is criticised as inconvenient.

Declining remittance:  The World Bank projects 12% decline in the remittance in the year 2020. Nevertheless, Nepal’s central bank states that the inflow of remittance would not be affected in 2020, but the inflow may not remain the same owing to economic crisis worldwide. Remittance inflow has been better than anticipated and is projected to continue for next three months as per the Central Bank.

Rape Cases: 10 year old raped in Janakpur: A 10-year-old differently able girl was allegedly kidnapped and raped by an Indian national. Police arrested him on November 2 on the charge thereof. The police rescued the victim from the room of the accused. The investigation of the case is in progress. 60 year old booked for rape: A 60-year-old man was arrested for raping an 11-year-old girl in Makwanpur district on November 1. Police is probing into the case further. Two men charged for rape in Taplejung: Police arrested two men accused of rape on October 31. Two girls of age 14 and 18 were raped during Dashain. The accused are the relatives of the victims. The police are investigating further into the case.

Young activist to mould VAW movement differently: Young activists have started second round of campaign “Ajhai Kati Sahane” with intent of reshaping the social movement against sexual violence. They also put forth that capital punishment for rape is not a solution to curb escalating number of rape cases in the country. The efforts of the young activists to voice against the rampant occurrence of sexual violence was well received by the public.

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