News Digest: Human Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion (January 27 – February 2, 2022)


Human Rights

Indrajit Safi, president of the Citizenship-less Nepalis Struggle Committee claimed that there is a total of 650,000 deserving Nepali citizens  who are deprived of citizenship. 

A writ petition has been filed in the Supreme Court challenging government decision to make vaccination cards mandatory against Covid-19 to obtain public services.  Depriving anyone of service if they cannot produce the vaccine card would be a violation of their human rights.   

A 32 year old single mother from Jumla,  working as laborer was deprived of public services, including opening a bank account and Covid-19 vaccination due to lack of citizenship. 

Gender and Social Inclusion 

Data released by the District Police Office, Mahottari for the past six months showed that domestic violence is rampant in Mahottari.  256 complaints of domestic violence cases were registered from August to January.

Farmers listing has been started in Ilam to put detailed information about the unorganized farmers on the website and to distribute identity cards for their identification. 

During a discussion in the Federal Parliament’s Finance Committee  on the preliminary results of the census, the participating lawmakers alleged that the census has under-counted the country’s population. Castes with a tiny population were not included in the census including those who do not have citizenship. 

The freed Haliya community  raised their grievance stating that the local level government has failed to provide them with livelihood and economic opportunities including relief aids even after five years of its formation.

A woman from Myagdi was rescued last October from an Indian brothel after contacting her family through Facebook.  She was sold by her own husband 16 years ago.

Maniram Chaudhary, 41, of Lumbini Province has been arrested on charge of raping a 13-year-old girl. The incident only came to light after the minor delivered a child on 30 January 2022; it was then the police arrested the perpetrator.

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