News Digest: Human Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion (November 18 to 24, 2021)


Human Rights 

21 November 2021, marks the 15th anniversary of the Compressive Peace Agreement (CPA) , signed between the rebel Maoist and the Seven Party Alliance (SPA). 15 years after the agreement, the victims and their families are still awaiting justice and neither has there been any progress in amending the Transitional Justice Act.

Issuing a statement on the 15th Anniversary of the Compressive Peace Agreement (CPA), four international human rights organisations have called on the Nepal government to prioritize the interests of victims and provide a credible transitional justice process, adhering to Nepal’s international obligations towards human rights.

Issuing a statement on the 15th Anniversary of the Compressive Peace Agreement (CPA), the National Human Rights Commission  has called on the Nepal Government  to revise the Enforced Disappeared Persons and Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act in line with the international human rights principle and the verdict of the Supreme Court of Nepal at the earliest.

Chairperson of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Centre, Pushpa Kamal Dahal issued a press statement on the 15th year of signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. He stated that, to establish a favourable climate for reconciliation the commissions of Truth and Reconciliation and Enforced Disappeared Persons are conducting fact-finding investigations into war-period cases. He went on to say that the party was committed to releasing a report on why the peace process had not been brought to a logical conclusion.

According to conflict victims and human rights defenders, confusion and fight over the jurisdiction of the Truth Commissions and Enforced Disappeared Persons commission have caused delays in the investigation of the crime.

The National Human Rights Commission has urged the the police not to use unnecessary force in peaceful protests by legal practitioners who are demanding the resignation of Chief Justice.

Concerned with the rising number of reported custodial deaths of the detainees in the police custody, Amnesty International has planed to call upon the Prime Minister and the concerned agencies to launch a set of actions to ensure that those in detention enjoy human rights.

Eight constitutional commissions, including the National Human Rights Commission, have pledged to make the protection and promotion of human rights more effective. An agreement has been reached to co-exist, coordinate and co-operate among the commissions by assimilating the universal values of human rights.


The Qatari government has stated that it is difficult to get the consent of the family for the post-mortem of a Nepali worker who died due to natural death or heart attack. In the absence of the post-mortem report, families of the deceased workers are deprived of the compensation.

Guthichaur village municipality of Jumla has decided to give widower allowance of NRS. 2,000 per month to single men above the age of 40 years but below 59. 

District Police, Solukhumbu arrested Mohan Baraili, 50, for throwing acid on his 25 year old son. 

District Police, Sarlahi have arrested Shyam Sundar Yadav, 38, on charges of attempting to rape a woman. 

District Police, Mahottari have arrested Manoj Kumar Yadav, 42, of Dhanusha and Bipin Mandal, 24,of  Mahottari on the charge of  gang rape followed by homicide of a woman. 

District Police, Bhojpur have arrested Bir Bahadur Pahadi, 19, on the charge of raping a 19 year old teenager from Bhojpur.

District Police, Parbat have arrested Bishnu Acharya, 28, of  Jaljala Village Municipality, on charge of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl by showing a pornographic video on  mobile phone.

Social Inclusion 

As the genreal convention of Nepali Congress, CPN (Nepal Maoist Centre), CPN (UML) and Rastriya Prajatantra Party is approaching, Women leaders and human rights activists have demanded that political parties should ensure 33 percent participation of women in office bearers. In an interaction organized by Sancharika Samuha (SASN), Amrita Thapa Magar-central member of the Maoist Central Committee, urged the parties to ensure proportional and inclusive principles in the office-bearers.

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