News Digest- Human Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion (November 4 – 10, 2021)


Human Rights 

Stakeholders have urged the government to ratify the Violence and Harassment Convention, (ILO Convention) 2019 (No 190). Member of the House of Representative Binda Pandey said that the ruling and opposition parties must have political will to adopt the convention.


The Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens has decided to make regulations seven years after the enactment of the Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Prevention) Act 2071 BS. Joint Secretary Roshni Kumari Shrestha said that, the Ministry will take assistance from the  Ministry of Law to draft the rules. 

The United Nations has decided to give the ‘Police Women of the Year-2021’ award to Sanjya Malla of Nepal. Malla is serving in the United Nations Mission in the African nation of Congo. 

Khajendra Bahadur Damai, 54, of Menchayayem Village Municipality-6, Tehrathum has been arrested on the charge of raping a 47 year old woman from her own house. 

The Central Statistics Office is going to assess the maternal mortality rate along with the national census. According to Dhundi Raj Lamichhane, director of the department, the maternal mortality rate is been assessed for the first time during the census. The 12th National Census is starting from 11 November. 

Banke Police have arrested Ramesh Thapa, Parvati Bisht, Krishna Murari Singh, Urmila Kanojia, Amar Lal Kurmi and Dhirendra Singh on Monday on the charge of abducting and killing Nirmala Kurmi. Banke police officers are currently investigating Nirmala Kurmi’s marriage in India including  her marriage registration and death registration certificate. 

Preliminary investigation by the police has revealed that Nirmala Kurmi’s death took place in India. According to the police, she died on March 29, 2010. Police claimed that a photo of her second marriage had been received in India and her death had been registered online. 

Six inmates were injured in a clash between two groups at Morang Prison on Tuesday. 

Social Inclusion 

The Central Statistics Office is going to collect details of Nepalis living abroad as ‘absent members’ in the 12th National Census. The country does not have the exact details of Nepalis living abroad. The Department of Foreign Employment  only has the number of Nepalis who have taken work permits to work abroad which is also not accurate. The government has decided to start the 12th National Population Census-2021 from November 11-25. 

Director at the Central Statistics Office said that the 12th national census will add personal features including those of persons with disabilities. He informed that the census of persons with disabilities has been started by separating 12 groups including deafness and low vision in the current census.

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