News Digest – International Relations and Foreign Affairs (May 6-12)


China concerned over Nepal’s spiking COVID-19 cases

People of China have expressed concern on social media platform (Weibo) regarding worsening COVID-19 situation in Nepal and have urged the government to assist the neighbouring country.  Even though the concerns were surrounding Nepal’s COVID-19 situation, Chinese netizens have somehow linked it to the India’s COVID-19 mismanagement.

NAC airbus sent to procure oxygen cylinders

Nepal Airlines Corporation sent its airbus to Beijing on May 11 to procure 400 units of oxygen cylinders and 20 ventilators. The plane returned on the same day with the stipulated essential medical supplies.

Mt. Everest as seen from the way to Kalapatthar in Nepal. Photo: AP

China demarcating line of separation at Mt. Everest

As COVID-19 has impacted Everest base camp, China is set to demarcate a line of separation at the summit of Mount Everest to inhibit the climbers from Nepal side to enter Tibet. According to Chinese news agency, Xinhua, a team of 21 Chinese nationals are on the way to the summit from the Tibetan side to set up the “line of separation”. However, no further details as to the regulation and description of the line have been revealed.

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