News Digest – International Relations & Foreign Affairs (April 29-May 5)


China strives to influence South-Asian region in absence of India

Foreign relation analysts and experts have observed that major geopolitical shifts as a result of the Covid-19 catastrophe. While there are joint efforts being made internationally to fight against Covid-19, the powerful countries have viewed this as an opportunity to assert political and economic influence. China is taking active steps to be seen as a major power player in the South Asian region. On April 27, China held a conference with the wide-ranging participation of the South Asian Nations.

Nepal to receive 20,000 oxygen cylinders from China

China has agreed to assist Nepal with 20,000 cylinders of oxygen as per the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started the preparation to bring them as soon as possible, as the country is grappling with an oxygen shortage. The Ministry is trying to import cylinders via both land and air routes. The granting of oxygen cylinders by China comes under the announcement made by the Chinese Foreign Minister in the video conference last week.

China to grant additional 300,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines to Nepal

Chinese Ambassador on April 26 announced that China has decided to provide extra 300,000 doses of vaccine to Nepal to combat the pandemic. Nepal was initially promised 500,000 doses of vaccines and now will be granted a total of 800,000 doses. China has kept Nepal in priority in providing assistance, including vaccines, in order to improve Nepal-China ties as per the press statement from the Chinese embassy.

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